Handicap Lifts Gallup NM

Welcome to the Electric Wheelchairs 101 Local Pages. Here you will find local resources about Handicap Lifts in Gallup, NM and some related products that may be of interest to you. For your convenience, we have also compiled a list of businesses and services around Gallup, including Assisted Living, Health Insurance, and Life Insurance that should help with your search. Before you take a look at the local resources, please browse through our competitively priced products that you could order from the comfort of your own home.

The Mini Universal Lift 200 by AmeriGlide is designed to be strong and durable, yet lightweight and economical. It operates with a power lift and manual rotation for use inside a van, SUV, or in the trunk of a car. Its uniframe design allows the Mini Universal Lift 200 to lift many scooters and power chairs into today's compact vehicles. Docking devices are available for a variety of scooters and power chairs.


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Used AmeriGlide Rubex stair lift owners get a fantastic product at a great price. As we buy back old AmeriGlide Rubex stair lifts, we can offer them to other customers as a quality used stair lift unit. While these stair lifts aren't in brand-new condition, they still have the same features such as a flip-up swivel seat, a cable drive train, a flip-up footrest with safety sensor, top and bottom call stations, and a comfortable contoured seat. 90 day parts warranty


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The In-N-Out Mini Universal Lift 200 employs a hybrid design that draws on the best attributes of the standard "inside" and "outside" lifts to overcome the space requirements in newer vehicles. It uses an outside-mounted lifting arm to load a scooter or power chair inside all types of vehicles. With the lift outside the vehicle, more inside space is available to accommodate a larger chair. It not only installs easily into a standard trailer hitch, it loads and unloads scooters and power chairs into vehicles where a standard inside lift can't be installed.


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The Vesta Stair Lift by AmeriGlide is a newer, sleeker version of our previous stair lift models. For a small price increase, the Vesta comes standard with many of the features that you will have to pay much more for with our cheaper models. The rack and pinion drive system gives this stair lift a smooth ride up and down the stairs, with a weight capacity of 300 pounds. Of course the Vesta comes with all the standard safety features you expect from AmeriGlide, with a constant-pressure footrest and rocker switch that needs to be pushed for three seconds before the lift begins moving. Also, one of the biggest money saving features is the required key switch for the stair lift to be operable. This comes in handy if you have children in the house that you wouldn't want playing with the lift. Swivel seats and adjustable armrests come standard, so transferring from your wheelchair to stair lift is as easy as possible. The Vesta also has an optional flip-up bottom rail. ETL 3137712; Conforms to ASMI Std A17.5; Certified to Can/CSA B44.1


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The AmeriGlide Rave is for people trying to maximize their stairway space. Its ultra-thin design is great for homes with narrow stairs. When the swivel chair is folded up, the lift sticks out only about 11 inches from the wall. The Rave is fitted with a powerful rack and pinion drive system that has a weight capacity of 350 pounds. Installation is easy with the Rave, so it makes things much easier on you and the installer. Electric Wheelchairs 101 has the low price guarantee so you know you're getting the lowest price anywhere.


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The Burr Mobile-Lift Motorhome Model offers the ultimate in quiet convenience and independence to the physically challenged. It requires no disassembly of your electric scooter or wheelchair ... simply drive it on, attach the safety harness, and push the switch. The Mobile-Lift raises and locks any scooter in place at the rear of your motorhome in just seconds. Now you are ready to be on your way.


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Local Companies

Ford Canyon Senior Ctr
(505) 863-6884
908 E Buena Vista Ave
Gallup, NM
Manuelito Senior Ctr
(505) 905-4432
26 Hunters Point Rd
Gallup, NM
Shiloh Residential Care
(505) 722-2288
26 San Juan St
Gallup, NM
Na'nizhoozhi Center Inc
(505) 722-2177
2205 East Boyd Drive
Gallup, NM
Sundance Care Home
(505) 726-1329
209 West Adams Avenue
Gallup, NM
Maloney Residential Care
(505) 722-2277
920 W Maloney Ave
Gallup, NM
Northside Senior Citizens Ctr
(505) 722-4740
607 N 4th St
Gallup, NM
Bonney Family Home Inc
(505) 863-2902
2021 Barbara Avenue
Gallup, NM
Rehoboth McKinley Health Care ServicesBehavioral Health Services
(505) 726-6900
650 Vandenbosch Parkway Suite B
Gallup, NM
Villa Guadalupe
(505) 863-6894
1900 Mark Avenue
Gallup, NM