Wheelchair Lifts for Trucks Gallup NM

Welcome to the Electric Wheelchairs 101 Local Pages. Here you will find local resources about Wheelchair Lifts for Trucks in Gallup, NM and some related products that may be of interest to you. For your convenience, we have also compiled a list of businesses and services around Gallup, including Medical Equipment, Health Insurance, and Auto Repair that should help with your search. Before you take a look at the local resources, please browse through our competitively priced products that you could order from the comfort of your own home.

The Universal 400 PR is our premium grade, heavy-duty inside lift with powered rotation. Powered rotation means that after you attach your scooter or power chair the lift will bring it into your vehicle at the touch of a button. It has a 400 lb. capacity which means it can lift virtually every scooter and chair on the market. The Universal 400 PR can also be installed on either side of the vehicle and in external applications such as pick-up trucks.


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Finally!! An outside lift that easily locks down virtually any power chair on the market today. Featuring the quick release tensioners used in public transportation, our hooks easily retract with a push of a button. Best of all, there is no cumbersome attachments to store when not in use. This is not your typical strap down lift. The Auto Power Chair Lift 350's simple operation allows the user to easily secure a power chair with minimal effort. Combine it with the Swing Away option for easy access to the trunk or lift gate of your vehicle.


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The Universal RV Lift 350 offers the convenience of being able to carry either a power chair or a scooter on the back of your RV. This lift is compatible with virtually every scooter or power chair available and uses easy to operate retractors to secure the scooter or power chair.


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The Universal 250 is our economical, light-duty, manual rotation inside lift. With its 250 lb. capacity, it can lift virtually every lightweight scooter and power chair on the market. It can be installed on either side of the vehicle and in external applications such as pick-up trucks. Tall post available is for larger vehicles and offset post is available for tailgate applications.


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The Universal 350 Truck Bed Lift provides side loading capabilities in and out of pickup truck beds making this specialty lift essential for pickup truck owners. With a 350 lbs. lifting capacity, it can lift a broad range of the scooters and powerchairs on the market today. The Universal 350 Truck Bed Lift is easy to manage with the functional hand control that is installed in the cab of the vehicle. You have the option of lifting and lowering on the driver or passenger side for your convenience.


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AmeriGlide's Auto Scooter Lift 350 is compatible with almost every mobility scooter available on today's market. It uses a self-adjusting hold down arm to secure your scooter with the exact right amount of pressure every time you use it, so driving while you tow is worry-free. The steel lift platform also folds automatically - just drive the scooter onto the platform, hit the button, and watch it work!


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AmeriGlide's Auto Power Chair Lift 350 gives you a safe, reliable method of transporting your electric wheelchair with you everywhere you go. This wheelchair lift is equipped with self-tensioning retractors, so all you have to do is drive onto the steel platform, raise the lift, and get ready to roll! The platform folds automatically when the lift isn't in use, so it won't get it your way while you're driving.


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AmeriGlide has combined outstanding performance with ease of use in the newly designed Auto Scooter Lift 350. This lightweight lift is engineered for years of trouble free use. It incorporates many dynamic features including a fully automatic hold down arm for easy operation, an integrated license plate holder and light, as well as a backup crank which allows operation of the lift in the event of a power failure. Combine it with the Swing Away option for easy access to the trunk or lift gate of your vehicle.


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Local Companies

Ford Canyon Senior Ctr
(505) 863-6884
908 E Buena Vista Ave
Gallup, NM
Manuelito Senior Ctr
(505) 905-4432
26 Hunters Point Rd
Gallup, NM
Shiloh Residential Care
(505) 722-2288
26 San Juan St
Gallup, NM
Na'nizhoozhi Center Inc
(505) 722-2177
2205 East Boyd Drive
Gallup, NM
Sundance Care Home
(505) 726-1329
209 West Adams Avenue
Gallup, NM
Maloney Residential Care
(505) 722-2277
920 W Maloney Ave
Gallup, NM
Northside Senior Citizens Ctr
(505) 722-4740
607 N 4th St
Gallup, NM
Bonney Family Home Inc
(505) 863-2902
2021 Barbara Avenue
Gallup, NM
Rehoboth McKinley Health Care ServicesBehavioral Health Services
(505) 726-6900
650 Vandenbosch Parkway Suite B
Gallup, NM
Villa Guadalupe
(505) 863-6894
1900 Mark Avenue
Gallup, NM